The Best Waitress Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

By Admin on Sep 25, 2023

The Best Waitress Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

Best Waitress Jobs in the United States: The US hotel industry is facing a shortage of Waitresses as the older generations head into retirement. The US hotel industry is looking for overseas workers for high-paying Waitress jobs. In fact, Waitress jobs in the United States can open the doorways to make a massive amount compared to other jobs. There are over 1.8 million waiters and waitresses employed in America with a huge amount being overseas workers. Each year, there are many new job openings available for overseas workers. Start an online search to see the best Waitress jobs in the USA.

Why Do Foreigners Choose Waitress Jobs In The United States?

Over 407,600 new job openings in the US hotel industry are available for overseas workers. Waitress jobs are typically higher paying than compared to other jobs in the United States. There is a reason for choosing Waitress jobs in the US. These jobs allow individuals to earn money and gain work experience while maintaining their studies. In short, the US hotel industry really pays high salaries, so overseas workers look for the US to work in the US hotel industry.

What Does Waitress Job Entail?

Being a Waiter or Waitress in the US is not easy for people! You may take orders for food and beverages and serve them when customers are ready having a good and maintaining a great relationship with them. You also may provide the best customer service, making sure a customer will return. Working as a Waitress for a US hotel is a more rewarding job for those looking for overseas jobs. To seek employment as a waiter or Waitress in the US hotel industry, you may be required to know the list of these skills on your resume.

Menu Items

If you're seeking employment as a Waitress or waiter in the US, you would be required to know menu items, which are the most important when you discuss with a customer. You might have noticed that a customer comes into a new restaurant with no idea what is on the food items or what kinds of foods and beverages may get you in the restaurant. Knowing the food items in the restaurant will help you pick the right food for the customer.

Food Safety and Handling

One of the most essential skills to work as a Waitress or waiter in the US is food safety and handling. You would be required to know how to handle food safety and handle. Also, you would have proper hygiene and wash your hands when you serve food and beverages.

Good Listening

Good listening is another essential skill to work as a Waitress or waiter in the US. You would represent a unique relationship with the customer as everyone has their own preferred flavors, food allergies, and even personality. You may be required to keep your smile in front of customers while serving food.

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Patience is a great skill required for Waitress or waiter roles. Sometimes, customers can be a bit rude, so it's important to serve food to them and have the patience to break down a menu with a customer. While taking orders in the restaurant, you also would be required to have patience and keep your smile in front of customers.

The Best Waitress Jobs Available In The USA For Foreigners

Right now, plenty of new job openings are available in the US hotel industry for overseas workers. Each year, several overseas workers get jobs in the US hotel industry! If you're looking for the best Waitress jobs in America, the best time to start your journey with Waitress jobs is now! Here are the best Waitress jobs in the USA.

Server Assistant

The server assistant is a Waitress who is responsible for ensuring the dining room and service area are clean, stocked, and visually appealing. Server assistants clean and reset tables to ensure they are ready for the next comers. This position requires a solid knowledge of proper food handling procedures. Besides this, the average Server Assistant salary is $27,213 annually in the USA. This is a high-paying Waitress job in a US hotel that you may get as an overseas worker.


A Waitress or Waiter is a professional person who works in restaurants, hotels, bars, and other food-serving and drinking establishments. Waitresses or waiters take orders from customers and serve them food and beverages. In short, they play an essential role in guest satisfaction. This position requires a physical ability to carry out the duties, knowledge of handling cash transactions, and more. In addition, the average Waitress/Waiter salary in the United States is $26,000 annually.

Buffet Server

Buffet Server is a type of Waitress or Waiter job. This position is in high demand due to its higher payouts in the USA. Buffet servers greet customers when they arrive at the table to take food and beverages. Providing customers with some information about the dishes, and their ingredients and assisting customers in taking their food to their tables are the top duties of Buffet Servers. This position can be obtained with a high school diploma and some experience in the US hotel industry. Besides this, the average salary of a Buffet Server is $35561 per year in the US.

Fine Dining Server

Fine Dining Server is another role in the US hotel industry. This is one of the highest-paying roles in the US hotel industry. This position is now hiring overseas workers across the USA. A Fine Dining Server is a skilled person who is responsible for bringing the list of food items, listing and describing specials, making recommendations, and taking orders to customers. They provide guests with an exceptional dining experience. With years of experience and top skills, an individual may become a fine dining server in the Hotel in the US. The average salary of a Fine dining server is $40632 per year in the US.

Find Your Waiter or Waitress Job In The USA Today

If you are ready to stay and work in the United States and want to work as a Waitress or Waiter, the US hotel industry is your chance. There is a plenty of jobs that have not been filled this year and employers are looking for overseas workers in the USA. To see what Waitress or Waiter job openings are available for overseas workers, an online search can you try.


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