Top Chrome Extensions That Are Good for Increasing Your Productivity

By Mukesh on Jul 22, 2021

Top Chrome Extensions That Are Good for Increasing Your Productivity


The web is a gigantic interruption loaded with web-based media, internet shopping, and charming little dog pictures on Google. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you could modify the program in support of yourself to be more useful. Google Chrome offers simply that. With a huge number of expansions accessible to include the Web Store, you can discover ones that will help you remain focused during the workday.

To begin, you should simply ensure Google Chrome is your default internet browser. Then, at that point, you'll have the option to look and introduce your preferred expansions.

Save to Google Drive

Google Drive is perhaps the best site to store records. Regardless of whether it's anything but a bookkeeping page, record, pictures, or transfer documents, you can have all you require to be coordinated in one spot. This Chrome expansion assists you with effectively saving web content or program screen captures to your Google Drive. This incorporates reports, pictures, HTML5 sound, and video.

The expansion as of now has more than 5,000,000 clients. You should simply right-click and select "Save to Google Drive". You will actually want to rename and coordinate it inside your drive for simple access.

Note pad Web Clipper

Pull anything you need from the web utilizing Notebook Web Clipper. This expansion makes it simple to save text, screen captures, and pictures into computerized note pads for you to reference. Everything is saved and can match up across different gadgets. Clients can likewise label their clasps to keep everything organized.

Zoom Scheduler

Since everybody is telecommuting, consecutive Zoom gatherings have become a standard. Make booking these gatherings somewhat simpler utilizing Zoom Schedule.

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This web application assists you with booking gatherings straightforwardly from your Google Calendar or in a split second beginning a gathering. The gathering URL and data are sent through Google Calendar, so you and different participants won't ever miss an invite.


Do you take notes during your gatherings? Then, at that point, you ought to download Hugo for Google Chrome.

This web application interfaces with your schedule and permits you to handily make notes during gatherings on Google Meet or Zoom. The note-taking capacity opens on the right half of your screen for speedy access. There is likewise a free plan for you to use with more than 80 distinct formats to browse, making it simple to discover one that accommodates your style and association needs.


The web is loaded with interruptions and makes it hard to be useful all through the workday.

In the event that you're battling to center, look at Noisli. This augmentation establishes your own sound climate to cover clamors while you work. It highlights curated playlists and even has a clock capacity to help you work in meetings. Turn on the mix or save your favored commotions as a top pick for fast access.


Todoist has become a well-known way for understudies and representatives to remain coordinated all through the workday. This Chrome expansion makes it simple to design your day and confirm things as you go, directly from your program.

With this augmentation, you can without much of a stretch add errands to your rundown really, access more than 60 apparatuses like Google Drive and Slack, and carry out due dates so everything is finished on schedule. In addition, you can keep tabs on your development with customized usefulness trends.

1Password X

With so various sites requiring logins, how might you monitor all your usernames and passwords? Look no farther than 1Password X.

This augmentation is utilized by almost 1,000,000 individuals and can securely store all your login data. The application additionally assists you with creating passwords and flawlessly coordinates with Chrome for simple admittance to your passwords. That way, you will not need to stress over secret key resets ever again.


It can get truly overpowering when you have 1,000,000 tabs open while chipping away at a task. Remain focused and abstain from opening superfluous tabs utilizing Tabagotchi.

This Chrome augmentation is a great method to stay away from interruptions like online media and shopping. The more tabs you have open, the angrier your vivified Tabigotchi gets. You can keep your Tabatgothi cheerful and sound by perusing on five tabs or less each hour.