You Might Be Surprised To Know the Cost of MBA

By mahima on Sep 06, 2021

You Might Be Surprised To Know the Cost of MBA

Hello guys, you all worry about MBA cost, because MBA is the best professional degree in over the world. We know that MBA (master of business administration) cost is very high. Many people are worried about the cost of an MBA degree and they are not able to do MBA even if they want. Today in this article we have a solution to your problem. We will tell you about MBA best colleges which give MBA degrees at low cost. Not only in India but also Abroad there are many such colleges and there are many ways by which you can do MBA at a low cost.

Some reason cost of an online MBA might surprise you

If you think that you will waste your money by doing online, then don’t think so at all. There are many ways through which people who are in a profession can do an MBA. You can choose a distance MBA overs a full-time MBA. The best advantage is the price.

The tuition fee of an online MBA

An online MBA is more beneficial than a full-time MBA. If you do online, then your cost also comes down. Many students find it difficult to attend school due to tuition fees. Online MBA makes your payment facility very easy. You should choose an online MBA over a full-time MBA.

Avoid boarding and lodging fee

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Boarding and lodging fee expenses also add to MBA costs. If you are applying for MBA University you can pay Boarding and lodging charges also. Even you have to pay tuition fees also. Many students have to take a financial loan for all these expenses. Distancing Online MBA helps you in reducing all these expenses. You get to pay only for books material, classwork, and certification degree.

No any problem with financial Aid

Many students have to take financial loans for MBA School. And apart from this, you have other option of scholarship. Many universities do not provide scholarships. Getting a scholarship is very difficult. If you get this scholarship properly then it is like a burden to do it’s respecting paperwork and complete many formalities. You should neglect a full-time MBA and should prefer distancing learning MBA.

Travel cost

Many students go away from home and do in a foreign country. They find it very difficult to travel and meet their family. Travel cost is also expenses for students. It becomes very expensive to visit again and again. Distance online MBA is removing all costs. And helps you study in the best universities without extra cost.  You can study at home at the best universities.

No additional expenses for online MBA

Apart from many expenses, in full-time MBA also pay for your books, clothes, food, and all. Online MBA provides all things like material lectures within cost. If you do not attend a lesson, you can take it after your covalence.

Company funding

Many companies find the good and best degree employs. The best benefit in online distancing MBA, you have already undergone the college experience from your bachelor's degree program. So don’t worry about company funding. If you are a working professional, you have already company experience.

Part-time MBA

A part-time MBA is for those people who want to get a degree without taking a break from their work. This course is for those people who want to get a degree without paying much money. The main reason for joining part-time is to continue with your job. A part-time MBA is very good for working people.

Part-time MBA is a 2-3 years course. You can attend class in the evening and weekend. If you have a bachelor's degree, you can do part time MBA. You have to give the entrance exam for MBA. One of the good advantages of a part-time MBA, there is no time limit for classes. You have attended lectures on the weekend and evening. This degree is those people who want to increase their present work.

Best MBA India collage

IFIM Business School,

GD Goenka University, Gurgaon

IPE Hyderabad

BML Munjal University, Gurgaon

Chandigarh University

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

Berkeley Haas School of Business, California

University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Chicago

HEC Paris, Paris, France

Skills required for part-time MBA job

An organization expects from its employees that they will have good skills. After obtaining such an MBA degree, one is expected to work in a good organization. A good manager should have good skills, leadership quality and managerial skills, decision making, Analytical thinking, and goal obtained.

Admission process

Part-time MBA process is of 2 types and easier than regular MBA process. Some schools give admission in MBA School only through entrance exam while some institutions also give admission on a merit basis.

Part-time entrance exam




Part-time MBA specialization

Operation management


International business

Human resource management

Sales and marketing

Executive MBA

Executive MBA is similar to the full-time MBA program. This MBA program is for those people who are already in any management field and want to continue their work and want to become executives. Executive MBA students are already very experienced by accessibility, they already have experience in this field. Its classes are morning, evening, and weekend May.

Specialization in executive MBA


Operation management


Strategic management

Sales and marketing

Human resources