Fast Evolving Virtual Event Management Platforms

By tanu on Jun 01, 2023

Fast Evolving Virtual Event Management Platforms

A virtual event platform brings life to a digital event platform. The Virtual Event Platform helps you grow your digital events more successfully. Virtual event platforms use smart and innovative technology to give live events a digital and interactive look. This is a great way to attract the audience. Virtual event platform makes live events more engaging with audio, visual, and interactive elements. Some virtual event stages also help you on the admin side of an opportunity to list and arrange to tag.

This type of event management platform helps in planning virtual events and makes the whole process easy. People can connect through the virtual event platform. With the right virtual occasion stage, you'll have the option to utilize highlights and commitment apparatuses like:

  • Virtual meetups
  • Polling
  • Q&A sessions and fireside chats
  • Virtual booths
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Gamification
  • Live streaming
  • Breakout spaces for networking

Hosting Platforms for Your Virtual Events

Virtual event platforms are growing very fast and more and more platforms are being showcased and used in the market. It is difficult to know how to do virtual event hosting and where to choose a virtual event hosting platform. Which location or platform would be best suited for hosting virtual events? But do not worry, here we have told and analyzed about the virtual event hosting platform, which will make it easier for you to select the platform.

Let us know on which platform to host the virtual event and which platform will cost less

If you are looking to host a small virtual event then it will be a little easier than hosting a large virtual event platform. It costs less to host smaller virtual events. Right now the market for virtual events is growing very fast, due to which the cost of large virtual event platforms is high. When it comes to hosting small virtual events, platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams are the best. A great option would be to host large virtual events on platforms like

  • InEvent
  • Airmeet
  • Filo
  • Tame
  • Intrado
  • Eventcube
  • Communique Conferencing
  • Bizzabo
  • Hopin

Best Virtual Event Platforms

As new technologies and virtual tools have come in today's time, the virtual event market is developing very fast. Events and markets are no longer limited to old tools, and have rapidly moved into the technical field. Lots of new platforms are developing with new technologies and features.

Advertisement :


Cost: $129/mo

BigMarker is the best Virtual Event Platform with technologies and core features. This platform is mostly used to schedule, monetize, host, record, and build an audience around webinars.. This Virtual Event Platform is used by major brands like Google, McDonalds, and Panasonic.


Microsites and Landing Pages

Crowd Handouts

Live, Interactive Video

Web-based Media Streaming

Installed Surveys

Email Marketing


HD audio and video


No presenter limits

Screen sharing


Website embeds

Call-to-action popups

Public and private chats


The whole team of this software is always here to help.

Business Uses:

Many businesses use this software because this software allows users to record, store and download webinars and web conferences.


GoToWebinar is one of the most popular and attractive virtual event platforms.  Through this platform, you can plan and host your event related to a very good digital gathering and event. Big companies like Unbounce, Mention, and Gainsight are using this platform easily.


Online class Templates

Custom Branding

Definite Analytics

Surveys and Surveys

Occasion Recording

Business Uses:

It is the world's best widely used software for webinars and webcasting. Many businesses use this software because it is easy to use and easy to pick up.


Cost: Basic Plan: $33 per month, Professional Plan: $116 per month, and Business Plan: $333 per month

HeySummit platform can be used in a very easy way. This is the best virtual event platform for tech-averse professionals. HeySummit platform is cheaper than in compersion to other platforms. You can choose this platform to host your virtual events.


Self-Service Speaker Dashboards

Detailed Event Analytics

Point of arrival Builder

Live and Prerecorded Sessions


Use the tools you love

Agency Owners


Professional Governing Bodies

Business Uses:

This is an Edinburgh-based tool designed to empower virtual events. The platform specializes in helping to increase engagement, conversions, and revenue for online summits.


Cost: $2,800

SpotMe is a great platform that both allows and facilitates live events and on-demand events. The SpotMe platform provides a complete facility for speaker orientation, live video production, and live interpretation. This is a very good virtual event platform for hosting.


Add-ons available to assist

Create and broadcast events with incredible flexibility

User interface with simple features


Build end-to-end digital experiences

Plugging in features from the Marketplace and crafting customized pages to fit your brand

Business Support:

It is a B2B event engagement solution tailored for companies looking to host high-touch events. The software is used for solutions from simple webinars to sophisticated events with high production values.


Cost: According to the platform provider

vFairs platforms facilitate online live and on-demand events across industries and geographies. vFairs is a very exciting experience platform. Events here can be very successful and good idea. vFairs has lots of networking options.


Video and report facilitating

Customized greeting page and email showcasing efforts

Gamification choices

Inside and out announcing both during and after the occasion


It is easy to set up.

It is the best for both small and large size businesses.

It offers many excellent benefits if you have a premium plan of this software.

Business Uses:

vFairs is the only event platform that offers best-in-class event support to help you host a stress-free hybrid, in-person and virtual events.

Virtual Exhibition Platform

As we know, due to covid, the whole country is moving towards digitization. Study, meeting, event, conference call are all online. For this reason, the Virtual Exhibition Platform is also growing rapidly. Today there are many Virtual Exhibition Platforms which are growing fast in the market and promoting Virtual Events. New contenders have arisen in the market to challenge the conventional set up with their new innovative arrangements. Nonetheless, it's a reality that catching the elements and hustle of an in-person presentation is as intense an assignment as any.



Blues N Coppers



Virtual Trade Show Platform

Nowadays more and more events are being organized online whether it is trade show or any event. There are many service providers that make it a bit difficult to choose the best virtual trade show platform.

How to choose the best suitable virtual trade show platform

When you are planning a virtual event, budget is the most important thing to think about first. You should to know about cost of virtual trade show platform.

It is very important to know the language of that country in order to interact with the customers of the country on which you want to organize the event.

Virtual trade show platforms






Virtual Expo Platform

A Virtual Expo is a web-based virtual article hall pen over Internet. It is an interactive media design that gives the continuous experience of visiting and moving (in 2 or three dimensional) around in the virtual piece lobby and stalls utilizing bolts keys on your console. Accessible to guests on the web, nonstop however there are typically explicit times that the exhibitors are available in their corner and you can talk with them.

Best Platforms for Virtual Expos

  • Accelevents
  • Communiqué
  • Inxpo
  • Hexafair
  • vFairs


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