Types of Chair Lift Stairlifts That Are Used Globally

By mahima on Aug 09, 2022

Types of Chair Lift Stairlifts That Are Used Globally

A stairlift  will be very useful for those who face many difficulties in getting up and down. If you have old people in your house then this is best for them. You must have wide stairs in your house to get this service. If there is a wide arm in the house, then you can take advantage of this service, first the rail is made in the wide stairs and the rail is attached to the chair and the lifting platform. Through this rail, people climb the stairs and take them down.

Do you know who built the ladder and when? Here we have the answer to this question. Sterelifts were produced in 1930 by the Incliner Company of America. We know you want to know about the best services and more information about stairlifts. In this article we will give you all the details about the stairlift:

The Types of stairlifts

In the US, these stairs are very famous. Many people are using this service in their homes. You can find the three types of these stairs in the market according to your home’s stairs size and demand.

1. Curved Stair Lifts –

Curved Stair Lifts have been designed for stairs that have curved landings and bends. Curved stairs lifts can take a longer time to install.

2. Straight Stair Lifts –

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Straight stairs lifts have been designed for straight stairs. Through the use of this stairlift, you can go directly from the basement to the second story. The installation time of this lift is usually minimal.

3. Outdoor Stair Lifts –

Outdoor stairs lifts have been designed for the outside stairs of the house. The outside area of the house like porches, patios, and decks, etc. installation of this stairlift is based on the shape of the stairs.

Common features of stairs lift

You can find the many common features in all types of stairs lifts. Many companies are providing the following features in stairs lifts. The common features of stairs lifts are here:

Folding seat and footrest

Folding seat and footrest is the common feature of stairs lift. This feature has been designed to help minimize the amount of space stairlift takes up when not in use. Some companies provide a special model of stairlift that automatically folds the seat and footrest when the seat is lifted by the user.

Adjustable/Customizable Chairs –

An Adjustable/Customizable Chairs feature is available in all types of a stairlift. This feature has been designed for comfort and a smoother ride.

Seat Belt and Safety Sensors –

Seat Belt and Safety Sensors features have been designed for the safety of users. With the help of safety sensors, you can detect the obstacle coming in the stairs lift, and the seat belt is useful for chair safety.

Swiveling Seat –

Swiveling Seat helps the user in a safe exit when he/she is using the stairlift.

Remote Controls –

Through this feature, you can send and call the stairlift automatically. In all types of stairs lift, you can find this feature. 

Top Companies of US for Stairlifts

In the 1930 Inclinator Company of America was produced the stairlifts. In the USA many companies are manufacturing stairlifts. The names of the top companies in the USA of stairs lifts are here:

1. Bruno

Bruno is the most famous and the best company of stairlifts. Stair lifts of Bruno Company are so stylish and mixed up of many designs and features. This company offers a lifetime warranty, smooth and safe ride, ultra-compact designs, and high battery power in stairs lift.

2. Stannah

Stannah Company is known by the name of the best stairlift company. This company provides the best features and designs of stare lifts. The Stannah’s stairlifts are very comfortable and safe. All over the world, more than 200 dealers are offered Stannah's stairlifts.

3. Lifeway Mobility

Lifeway Mobility is a company that helps people to live safely in their houses. In the stairlifts of Lifeway Company, you can get the best features and design.

4. Harmar Stairlifts

Harmar is the big and most famous company for wheelchairs, scooters,s, and stairlifts. This company provides freedom to people where and when they want. Harmar offers the facilities of a 2-year warranty and designed seats for stairlifts.

5. Acorn Stair Lifts

Acorn Stair Lifts is the largest company in the US and it is famous for the best designs and features of stairs lifts. Acorn stair Lift Company has thousands of employees. The core business of this company is manufacturing and selling stairlifts. In the stairs lifts of Acorn Company, you can find smart and automated features.

6. Handicare

The stairs lift of Handicare Company is very comfortable and safe for your family members and relatives. This company offers the best features and designs for stairlifts. Through the stairlift of Handicare Company, you can make your life easy and safe.

Cost of stairlift

The cost of stairlifts is depended on the design, types, and features. For example, if you have straight stairs in your house with about 12 – 14 steps, then you need to pay from $2,000 to $5,000 to install a stairlift.