Truck Driver Recruiting for Truck Drivers in the USA

By mahima on Aug 16, 2022

Truck Driver Recruiting for Truck Drivers in the USA

Nowadays more than a thousand people come to USA in search of truck driver jobs. In the United States, many companies offer truck drivers jobs with expensive paychecks. If you want a high paying job as a truck driver, USA is the best option for you. If you want to know about Truck Driver Recruitment in USA then read the article given below:

Truck Driver Recruiting Websites in the USA

In the USA many companies are providing high-paying truck driver jobs. You can get the information about recruiting for a truck driver job through the website. Companies are inserting information about recruiting on the websites. To know about the hiring you don’t need to go anywhere, you can get the all information from your home without spending money by using websites. The best website for truck driver recruiting jobs is here:

Top Trucking Recruiting Websites

EDP Careers.


Google for Jobs.

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Truck Driver Jobs 411.



Truck Driver Recruiting Companies in the USA

In the USA many companies provide the best jobs types for truck drivers. In these companies, you can earn expensive money. These companies offer a working environment to employees. You can get high-paying jobs as a truck driver from these companies. The best companies for truck driver recruiting are here:

Pride Transport Inc

Pride Transport Inc Company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This company is privately own. In this company, you can get the best job designation as a truck driver. Pride Transport has a good reputation for good behave with truck drivers.


Walmart is the largest company in the USA. This company provides high-paying jobs to truck drivers. Walmart is a professional trucking company with the best job security and very low driver turnover. Walmart is not a common carrier. This company is a private carrier.

H.O. Wolding, Inc.

H.O. Wolding, Inc. is located in Amherst, Wisconsin. This company provides the best job for the truck driver. In this company, a truck driver gets a good management carrier. This company is a dry freight carrier and private company.

Nussbaum Transportation

Nussbaum Company is famous for recruiting truck driver jobs. This company is located in Hudson, Illinois. This is a medium-size carrier and a dry freight hauling company. Many drivers are doing jobs in this company and they like it very much.

TMC Transportation

TMC is located in Des Moines, Lowa. This company is a flatbed trucking outfit. This company offers high-paying jobs to truck drivers and also it offers many benefits to truck drivers.

Sammons Trucking

Sammons Trucking is located in Missoula, Montana. This company is known by the name of specializing in flatbed trucking. As a truck driver, you can get a high-paying job in this company.

Jim Palmer Trucking

Jim Palmer Trucking Company is not a common carrier, it is a private carrier. This company is located in Missoula, Montana. This company offers a paid CDL training program.

Western Distribution Transportation Corp

Western Distribution Transportation Corp is a medium-sized and private own company. This is the best company for truck drivers. In this company as a truck driver, you can get high-paying jobs with many offers. This company is located in Denver, Colorado.

Different types of truck driver jobs

To apply for truck driver recruitment in the USA you need to have experience and full knowledge of driving. Many companies in the USA want to truck drivers. You can get the best truck driver jobs in these companies. These companies are providing high-paying jobs according to your job types. The truck jobs types are here:

Dry van hauler

Average Salary: $65,615 a year

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

Dry van hauler is the common job type of trucking job. Dry van hauler truck driver job is operating the semi-trucks and delivering the shipment of the good package in pallets. Dry van hauler doesn’t need to unload goods themselves.

Freight hauler

Average Salary: $40,066 per year in USA

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

Freight hauling includes all types of load not delivered by dry van hauling. This may comprise transporting hazardous, liquor, or an oversized load.

Flatbed hauler

Average Salary: $63,564 a year

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

This type of trucking engages transporting dry crops or machinery on open-air trailers. The load is naturally too big or uncomfortable to fit into a dry van clip and transportation is longer and riskier. As a consequence, flatbed haulers naturally earn more than dry front haulers.

Tanker hauler

Average Salary: $64,598 a year

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

Tanker hauler is high demanded truck driver job type. This is a high-paying job. To get this job truck drivers know to handle any emergency. Tanker hauler driver job is transporting liquids- hazardous or non-hazardous.

Refrigerated hauler

Average Salary: $60,204 a year

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

Refrigerated cargo should stay at a specific temperature while it is being shipped. A few takes have cooler steel trailers and drivers are needed to meet specific time and distance necessities. Since the cargo is temperature-controlled, drivers should know how to set and take a look at the temperature of their trailer. This expertise orders more significant compensation for refrigerated haulers than dry haulers.

Less than truckload haulers

Average Salary: $20.49 an hour

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

These drivers ordinarily work locally, pulling little loads and stacking and emptying their shipments. These drivers procure not exactly significant distance drivers, however, may convey a few burdens in a single day.

Local/regional haulers

Average Salary: $53,594 a year

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

Like LTL haulers, neighborhood and provincial cargo haulers take various burdens each day and regularly get back home consistently. Superstar haulers drive a class 3 or 5 truck matched with a little trailer and convey products as fast as could be expected, frequently taking different burdens each day, they might convey merchandise locally or provincially.

Auto haulers

Average Salary: $81,622 a year

Job Location: Anywhere in USA

Auto haulers are uniquely intended for transporters moving vehicles. Their significant burden requires incredible expertise, and along these lines pays more than semi-truck driving.