Top Five Credit Cards of 2022 That You Can Grab With Your Bad Score

By mahima on Jan 24, 2022

Top Five Credit Cards of 2022 That You Can Grab With Your Bad Score


Top Five Credit Cards of 2022 That You Can Grab With Your Bad Score 

Defination of Credit Card

A credit card is a small plastic card in rectangle shape issued by the bank for financial uses. With a credit card, you can get goods and services without using money. Then usually you received a bill from the bank after one month for what you have bought. By credit card, you borrow money from Credit Card Company. The limit is decided if card according to your income and financial history. The key difference between credit cards and debit cards. After purchasing when you swipe a debit card for billing money gets subtracted from your bank account and when you swipe a credit card for billing money gets subtracted from your pre-approved limitation. You can use a credit card to making a payment and online transaction.

 Best Credit Card of 2022 in India 

1. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card

  • Standard chartered platinum rewards credit card helps you in online transactions and save money every time.
  • Keywords of Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card:-
  • Get 5% points for every Rs.150 that you expend at fine-dining outlets.
  • Receive 5x reward points for every Rs.150 exhausted on fuel.
  • 1x repayment points for every Rs.150 exhausted on other categories.

2. HDFC Freedom Credit Card 

Features of HDFC Freedom Credit Card 

  • Get a gift coupon worth Rs.1,000 when you spend Rs.90,000 in a year.
  • Spend Rs.50,000+ in a year and get your revitalization fee waived off.
  • Enjoy 5X recompense points on everything from grocery, dining, movie, railway, and taxi bookings.
  • Get 25X recompense points on spends made on your birthday
  •  Enjoy an interesting free period for 50 days provided by HDFC Freedom Credit Card.
  •  Get 500 recompense points as your welcome profit.
  • Get a restitution bonus of 500 points when you pay your regeneration fee.

3. Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

Key features of Kotak PVR Gold Card

  • Get 1%cashback on food and beverages at PVR 
  • Get 5%cashback on movie tickets at PVR Box Office.
  • Get 2 free PVR movie tickets all month, when your expend are more than Rs.15, 000 in a monthly billing round.

 4. HSBC Visa Platinum Card

Features of HSBC Visa Platinum Card 

After getting a credit card of 60days, you can get 10 %cashback on all to spend, offered after 5 transactions are made the minimum spend is RS 10,000 you get a cashback of RS 2,000.
  • As receiver profits, get up to RS 2,250 with approving airport lounge and also international lounges or 3 airline coupons.
  • Save up to 3000 on your annual spending.
  •  Earn profit at selected and added Extra partners.
  • Enjoy discount provides by HSBC Visa Platinum Card.

5. RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card

Features of RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card:-

  • You get 1 payment point for every Rs.100 that you expend on all your purchases except fuel.
  • You get 10 recompense points for every Rs.100 exhausted on fuel transactions.
  • You can receive a maximum of 1,000 reward points in one month.
  • Get 20 payment points for every Rs.100 used up for grocery shopping
  • You get a 10% discount (up to Rs.100) on movie tickets purchased on BookMyShow 15 times a year.

Best Credit Card of 2022 for Bad Credit Score in India

1.ICICI Coral Bank Credit Card 

In categorize of this card, you make the first payment of 20,000 at least in 180 days.

Profit of this card 

  • Get a 15% discount on the dining of the partner restaurant
  • Get a significantly low joining fee-free receiver gift of RS. 999.
  •  Get a free lounge at the selected airport.

2. ICICI Black Platinum Credit Card

  • 15% saving of selected restaurant 
  • Contactless card for making a secure and fast payment.
  • Repayment points, exchangeable for electrifying gifts and vouchers
  •  Fuel addendum waiver crossways all gas stations in India. 

3. YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card

  • Get 12000 bonus payment points on spending Rs. 3.6 Lakh yearly
  •  Fuel supplement waived off at all gas stations in India Every Rs. 100 spent, will earn you 5 prize points 
  • Expend Rs. 5000 and get 1250 compensate points
  •  Enjoy up to 15% discount on dining at detailed restaurants

4. Axis Bank Insta Easy Credit Card 

  • Get a 1% fuel supplement waiver at all gas stations 
  • Get up to 15% off on dining at associate restaurants 
  • Earn 6 rewards based on household spends of Rs. 200
  •  Earn 12 rewards depends on global spends of Rs. 200

5. SBI Advantage Plus Credit Card 

  • Enjoy the Service of Flexi pay where your transactions can be converted into EMIs and repaevery monthis. 
  • Get up to 100 cash withdrawal limit.
  • Enjoy the permit to get a balancing credit card
  • Can be used at all major ATMs internationally 


Thus we can conclude that service of credit card is the best service for the online transaction. In emergency, you can use a credit card for your facilities. Some time happened that we have no money and we want something urgent like good, daily routine things. In this situation, credit card is a very useful thing. So we must understand its importance and use it. After using a card pay the bill to continue for your reputation.