Studying in Taiwan as an International Student

By Admin on Oct 13, 2023

Studying in Taiwan as an International Student

Studying in Taiwan has become a more popular option for students abroad. Taiwan is the best-known country that includes several top universities, which are open to international students for 2023 and beyond. Studying in Taiwan may offer international students a world-class education with fantastic scenery, cuisine, and networking. However, spots are limited so the best time to get to study is from the top universities in Taiwan.

Studying in Taiwan

Taiwan is a great study destination for students abroad. Higher studies from the top universities in Taiwan are a dream for students abroad. Several top state, private, and community universities not only deliver high-quality education but also offer fully funded scholarships. Besides this, there are many economic opportunities that are rare elsewhere on the continent.

International students can study a wide variety of subjects in Taiwan-based universities. Here are some reasons to study in Taiwan.

  • Safety & high standards of living
  • World-class higher education
  • Friendly people
  • Amazing and vibrant culture
  • Scholarships

The Education System Of Taiwan

Taiwan isn’t an expensive country to study for international students. This country has become the most-awaited study destination on the Asia continent. It has 163 (national and municipal) and private higher education institutions, which allow both domestic and international students for the study. Besides this, the education system of Taiwan has been challenged for emphasizing learning by rote as opposed to understanding.

Opportunities for internships and Career Placement in Taiwan

Taiwan is a great place to study for international students. It provides a plethora of opportunities for internships and career placement, helping international students to boost their practical experience and increase their employability.

Internship Programs

Taiwan has a range of colleges and institutions that offer internship programs. These programs enable students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, gain practical experience, and develop their professional skills. Internship opportunities are found in various industries, including engineering, technology, marketing, finance, and more.

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Government Initiatives

Taiwan has many government initiatives to provide internships and career placements. These initiatives include the Taiwan internship program which offers paid internships in some reputable companies, research institutions, government agencies, and more. These programs help Taiwan’s industries to provide internships for international students. The government promotes internships for students abroad.

Networking Opportunities

There are many networking opportunities for international students. Many colleges in Taiwan organize networking sessions, career fairs, and industry-specific events where students may connect with potential employers and professionals in Taiwan. Also, these opportunities can open a doorway to future job prospects and help students build a strong professional network.

Career Development Centers

Several career development centers present in Taiwan provide support and guidance to international students looking for internships and career advancement opportunities. These Taiwan-based centers provide some resources such as job search assistance, resume builder, and interview preparation so that students can find internship programs. In addition, these centers organize seminars and workshops to enhance student’s employability skills.

Strong Industrial Connections

Taiwanese thriving industries, including technology, engineering, finance, marketing, and healthcare have the opportunities to provide internships and career placements in renewed companies. These thriving industries have strong connections with multinational corporations and research-intensive organizations and help students to provide internships and career placements. By studying in Taiwan, students can gain proximity to these industries.

Post-Study Work Opportunities

After completing their studies at reputable universities, students may get post-study work opportunities. The Taiwanese government actively provides career pathways for international graduates to stay and work in Taiwan, helping them to get opportunities for future job prospects. This option allows international students to enhance valuable work experience in Taiwanese thriving industries, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. In addition, this option helps students to build a strong professional network in Taiwan.

The Cost of Studying in Taiwan

Studying in Taiwan isn’t expensive, but studying in Taiwan is more costly in some cases. The tuition fees in the top universities of Taiwan may be different compared to other countries. Several colleges in Taiwan charge tuition fees ranging from 675 EUR to 12,700 EUR per year. Being 5th most affordable country to study for international students, their reputable colleges have the tuition fee for undergraduate courses starting from $3,227 a year.

Visa Requirements

A visa is an important document that allows students to stay and study abroad. Without visas, students can’t be able to study abroad. Same Taiwan, students need visas to study and stay in Taiwan.

The student visa issued by the Taiwan government is two categories, including a Taiwan student visa for full-time foreign students (MA, BA, Ph.D., high school) and a Taiwan student visa for international exchange students. Obtaining a Taiwan student visa will require students to follow some steps as per the order.

There are two options by which students can get a student visa from the Taiwanese government.

A. Before students arrive in Taiwan:

Before students arrive in Taiwan, students may apply for a Taiwan student visa at a Taiwanese diplomatic mission.

Complete the Taiwan Student Visa Application form and collect the required information.

Submit the student visa application form, containing the required information and documents to the Taiwanese diplomatic mission within 30 days.

Then, wait for the Taiwan student visa to be processed.

After that, collect the passport in case the application form is approved.

Next, apply for a Taiwan residence permit within 15 days.

B. After students arrive in Taiwan:

After students arrive in Taiwan, students may apply for a Taiwan student visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA).

If international students fulfill the required criteria to apply for a Taiwan student visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA), you must do so at least 8 workdays before your current visa expires.

Study In Taiwan Today

Studying in Taiwan is an excellent opportunity for international students right now. Taiwan has several colleges that offer world-class education, scholarship opportunities, and rich cultural experiences. If you have known about Taiwan education, you can consider choosing it for education.

It’s recommended to check all aspects before choosing Taiwan to study. Try an online search for more details.


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