Study masters in Switzerland

By mahima on Sep 03, 2021

Study masters in Switzerland

Switzerland is a very popular place for study. There are some fields that are in high demands in Switzerland. Business & Economics, Science & Mathematics demand is high in this place. Many people go to foreign countries to specialization in certain subject there is no better place then Switzerland for such people.

A Masters program is complete between 1.5 to 2years. After graduation you go for masters. Check masters school in Switzerland.

Online Leadership and Management

Communication, Management and Health


Online Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Political Economy of Money and Development

Online Human Resource Management and Development

ETH Zurich

University of Bern

International University in Geneva

Business School Lausanne

Franklin University Switzerland

Swiss Hotel Management School

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Cost of studying in Switzerland

If we talk only about study cost then it is difficult to tell because all the schools have different cost. Switzerland universities cost less than Europe.

Living expenses

 If you are going to another country for studies, then along with your studies, you have to bear your personal expenses. It totally depends on you which food you like and which place you like for living.


If you are going to study in Switzerland you will need an accommodation to live there. House rent and you’re other expenses that you have to bear.

Flat charges per month CHF 500-900/-

Food expenses

Along with living, the cost of food also very important, this has been told.

CHF 75-100/per week for groceries

Clothes, personal care, entertainment expenses

They all expenses are depends on your personal activity.

Utilities and memberships

Utilities and memberships also depend on your lifestyle. If you like to watch TV or you want to operate internet on phone and join gym, then you have to bear the cost of all this.

Average charges –CHF 300/-per month

Public transport

Public transport charges 100/- per month average cost

Health insurance

Average cost 100/- per month

Visa recruitment

Students need to visa for foreign study so this one is expense they need to bear. Students make to hold visa approved from Switzerland.

Scholarship for master students

Every year the Swiss government introduces scholarships to students for appreciation. The objective of scholarship is art schools affiliated with applied sciences universities.

ETH Excellence Scholarships

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

IMD MBA Scholarships

Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Scholarships


Residence permission

Every students needs to residence certificate to live for more than 6 months.  

Language certificate

Every student need to language certificate for that country and you’ll need to know the respective language at a minimum C1 level like German, French, Italian.

Advantage of studying master’s degree in Switzerland

As we all know Switzerland is a very beautiful country with snowy hills all around. This view attracts all the people who go there. Its fully technology developed.

The education of Switzerland is considered to be of a very high education system.

Swiss has created many entertainment things. Here you will see many people speaking German language and some people speaking Italian and English.

You can practice numerous sports

Seize the numerous social and cultural events

Take advantage of scholarship opportunities