Study in France for international students

By mahima on Sep 04, 2021

Study in France for international students

It is the dream of every student to go abroad to complete his studies and take admission in the best school/university there. Abroad is a very good way to be successful in your career if you are thinking of studying abroad then France is a very good place for study and job. There are many courses offered by France. You can choose any course in which you want to make your career. International students have to follow their rules and regulations to do study there. In this article, we will tell about study in France.

Why France is good to study place

France is a country where universities teach culture to all students and help them develop personal and creative skills. International students who want to live and study in France, get to see development in their studies and personality after staying there. By studying in France you will step towards a good and successful career. France is very well known for art and culture, but more importance is given to art and culture. Students studying in France cannot be deprived of its culture. According to us France is a very great destination for study.

Choosing the right program/degree/school/university

The student who wants to study in France should first choose the right course. Many programs and universities are available in France. Before studying they have to choose the right study program and university also.  Here is the list of popular universities in France

École polytechnique

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University Grenoble Alpes

University of Strasbourg

Centrale Supelec

University Paris-Saclay

Université Claude Bernard Lyon

University of Lille


Living in France in no other country, you can live like your home or your country. You have to understand their ways of living in another country. Living in France is not a difficult task, you can easily live there without any problem. You have to bear your all personal expenses which depend on your lifestyle.

Visa requirement – you will apply for a visa to live in France to complete your study. International Students make to hold visas approved by France. Students need students to visa for studies in France.

Housing and living cost – Whatever country you live in, you have to make a budget beforehand to live and eat. You should have an idea of how much you will have to pay for your lifestyle. 

Tuition Fees & Scholarships –All students in France, whether international or European, have to pay tuition fees. There are different fees according to each program. Along with this, scholarship is also available for the students.

Language & Culture – France is known for its culture.  All the students studying on it are taught about their culture and tradition. If you go to study that then you will get complete information about this culture.

Programs - if you want to study in France then you should know about its degree programs.  You should first decide which degree you are going to take and it will be available from which university in France.

France scholarship for international students

AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships – there are many scholarships available for students studying in France, which we will tell you about.

The Fulbright Scholarship – This scholarship is available for master’s students who want to study in France universities. Funds are given to such students for 10 months of studies.

Alexandre Yersin Scholarships – This scholarship is available for students who want to masters finance.

Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship

Foundation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships

INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund Scholarship

Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Ampère Excellence Scholarships

The Chateaubriand Fellowship

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

Job opportunity in France –

Many jobs are available in France after graduation and post-graduation. You can get easily a job staying in France.  International students can get the perfect job nearby their place. There are many industries and companies which provide jobs.

STEM professionals (science, technology, engineering, and math)



medical professionals


construction workers


ICT professionals