Best Onboarding Tools to Improve the User Onboarding Process

By mahima on Mar 03, 2023

Best Onboarding Tools to Improve the User Onboarding Process

Onboarding tools are tools designed to improve a user's onboarding process. Onboarding tools describe the tool HR as a new tool experience designed for new employees.

Many people are using onboarding tool in USA, even not only USA but many companies all over the world are also using onboarding tool. They streamline, guide and introduce new users to the product and show them the right way to use it. This will determine what type of onboarding tool you need, first determining which parts of your onboarding experience you need to improve. In this article we will talk about the working and types of onboarding tools in USA:

Employee Onboarding tools in the USA

Employee onboarding tools are a great way to bring your new employees into your company even before they do. Many companies in the United States are using employee onboarding tools for small and large businesses. With an onboarding system like Freshteam, you can take care of all the mundane tasks of joining a new company for your new hire, from endless document submission to signing multiple forms, in the first few days of onboarding.

Here are some employee onboarding tools:

1. GoCo

Cost: It starts at $5 per employee per month.

Gozo is the employee onboarding tool that provides the facilities of HR, payroll management, benefits, and other capabilities to manage employees. This tool has been designed with flexibility in mind, good customizable human resource workflow, e- documentation, automate the entire onboarding.

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Access Controls/Permissions

Activity Dashboard

Applicant Tracking

Approval Process Control

Attendance Management, etc.


It's easy for you and your team to enroll in, manage, and track all business processes.

It is easy to use.


A help center on the site provides articles on all aspects of the software.

Business Uses:

It can automate any HR task with customizable workflows and easy-to-access workflow templates. Many businesses use this software because it is an all-in-one HR software solution designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind.

2. ClearCompany

Cost: $110.00 /mo.

ClearCompany tool offers a good talent management system. This software has been designed with tracking, performance management, onboarding, and more functions.


Activity Tracking


Access Controls/Permissions

Activity Dashboard

Anonymous Feedback

Applicant Tracking


Improve Performance

Achieve Your Mission

Engage Employees

Plan Effectively, etc.


It help the clients improve the candidate and employee experience.

Business Uses:

Nowadays, it is the best employee onboarding software that use to align HR and business strategy and demonstrate the value in the organization.

3. Ultimate Software

Cost: $40 per month

Ultimate software is the tool that offers the facilities of managing employees. This tool is designed with the features of onboarding. You can use this tool through the use of a mobile device.


Human Resources


Talent Management

Time Management

Global HCM

Managed Services, etc.


Taking Care of What Matters

Health coverage & PTO

Work-life balance & flexibility

Good company culture

Getting a chance to make a positive


Ultimate's support team understands the unique issues and challenges facing today's HR and payroll professionals.

Business Uses:

Ultimate Software offers many options for businesses of sizes. It is the best cloud-based human capital management solutions.

Client Onboard tools in the USA

Client onboard tool is the platform for managing the clients. This tool is helping companies in managing post-sales activities. Post-sales activities related to the delivery of the services sold by the company. Client onboard tool is especially attached with the sales tool, CRM software, and IT software. Some client onboard software is here:


Freshteam is not only a complete HR suite that is highly thought out by all types of professionals, they are also the creators of widely acclaimed business solutions.


This is a great employee onboarding platform if you want to solve training and learning issues especially for new employees.

Bamboo HR 

Bamboo HR is a full suite HCM technology vendor consisting of over 16,000 customers with approximately 1.5 million employees working on its systems.


Centrifuge is one of the top open-source HRMS out there. Whether you are a small business or a large organization, it can be configured according to your exact needs.


Web HR is free if your organization has 5 or fewer employees. Its base module includes onboarding tools designed to be self-service for newly arrived employees.

Online Onboard tools in the USA

Digital Onboarding, means Online Onboarding training which is done partially or wholly online. Onboarding online is a good way to provide uniform, standardized onboarding training to all new employees.

An online onboarding system is an important way to onboard new employees, newcomers, and any employee from day one in the workplace. It helps to ensure that employees are job-ready, secure, compliant, and are aware of procedures and policies for performing their job, role, or job properly. Online onboarding software typically includes a workflow such as completing a new starter form, collection of licenses or evidence of training, recruiting new employees, employees, contractors, or new employees through the role, organization, or site-specific content. Doing which may include human resources and security topics. Onboarding is a checklist and assessment for understanding and acceptance of all these areas. Some online onboarding software is here:


GuideCx is a type of online onboarding software. Many companies in the USA are using this software to onboard new employees also it is a project implementation management platform. It keeps the client all clients at the center and offers the facility of complete visibility into the work.


Remote onboarding software is designed by Remote Technology. This software provides the facilities of payroll management, taxes, and benefits options. Many companies are using this software to manage their clients, and employees.


ZingHR is the type of online onboarding software. This software provides the facilities for managing the organization automatically. Through the use of this software, you can well-manage your small business.


Rocketplane onboarding software helps to hit your onboarding goals. This software is designed with the facilities of documentation, communication together, project management, document collaboration.  This software is perfect for every type of business.

User Onboarding Tools

User onboarding tools are software designed to improve the user onboarding process. This software introduces, guides, and streamlines new users to show them how to use the products made by your organization. You can get this tool into two parts: Mobile user onboarding flows, Desktop user onboarding flows. Mobile user onboarding introduces you to a game and desktop user onboarding introduce you to conversion research and task management etc. Some user onboarding tools are here:











HR Onboarding Tools

HR onboarding tools help in managing the employees and clients. In the USA many companies are using HR onboarding tools to manage their small and big business. This software makes managing work simple and you can use these tools to project management and meeting management. This software is the protective path to hiring new employees for your company.  Some HR onboarding tools are here:







Cost of Onboarding Tools

An Onboarding tool cost depends on the type of tool and size of the business. According to the benchmark report of SHRM, the average cost of an onboarding tool is $4,125.  If you want some more facilities in these, then their fee is charged separately. More facilities like advertising, recruiting events, recruitment software, relocation expenses.