Inventory Management Software in the UK To Manage Your Business Inventory

By mahima on Oct 12, 2022

Inventory Management Software in the UK To Manage Your Business Inventory

Inventory management is the first important thing for your business. Inventory can break or ruin your business. Inventory management helps organizations identify how and what stock to order and the timing of the order. In the UK, many companies and businesses are using inventory management software to manage their inventory and they are on the verge of success.

Using inventory management you can track your company's inventory from purchase to sale. In this article, we will read about inventory management in the UK.

What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software is a solution for your company's inventory. Inventory management software tracks, manages and automates your inventory and warehouse. Inventory management is a very important part of the daily activities of a business. Inventory management software alerts you at any time to know what is happening with your stocks. Inventory management software is the best way to manage your organization's inventory. By using business inventory management software, you can save time.

How does inventory management software work?

At present, you can see cloud-based inventory management software because of its advanced features. If you are using cloud-based inventory management software, then you don’t need an It staff and your cyber security plan to maintain an inventory management software server. Inventory management software provides mobile apps which help to track inventory management and you can check all reports of your inventory at any time and anywhere. Commonly inventory management software comes as a monthly subscription and to use this software you need to install it on your computer.

If you are using a simple system, then you require paying $100 per month and if you are using an advanced inventory management system, then you require paying $3,000 per month. Features of an inventory management system depend on your business size, including the number of your received orders, the location a system needs to cover, and the inventory size.

Benefits of using inventory management software

If you are using business inventory software, then you can get many benefits in your business, because inventory software automates the management, controlling,g and tracking of your inventory. The benefits of using inventory management software are here:

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Inventory tracking


Accounting integration

Higher Productivity

Better Profitability

Easy Inventory Processing

Reduces Aged Inventory and Deadstock

Automate Manual Inventory Tasks

Better Customer Service

Lessens the Chance of Stock-Outs

Accurate Expense Tracking

Best Inventory management software in the UK


Cost: $299.001 License Per Month

Cin7 is the best and most powerful solution for inventory and order management. This is the integrations of all the popular marketplaces, eCommerce, and 3Pls. platforms also it is the best combination of D2C and B2B sales channels, shipping, fulfillment, and warehouses. This software offers services to analysis to enable brands, wholesalers, workflows, reports, and wholesalers to operational efficiency.

Features of Cin7:

Multichannel Management

Product Identification

Supplier Management

Warehouse Management


It streamlines your workflow.

It improves inventory management.

It allows you to make data-backed decisions.

And it optimizes financial tracking.

Business Uses:

It is the best solution for managing wholesale, B2B, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channels. You may use this software for your business.


Cost: $999 per month

NetSuite is the best software for inventory management it is a complete solution for inventory management. NetSuite provides services to inventory and order management and purchasing capabilities. These services consolidate supply chain processes also NetSuite provides services of real-demand planning, native integration into your key back-end processes, and total visibility across the product life cycle and procure-to-pay process, full end-to-end visibility. By using this software you can grow your business.

Features of NetSuite:

Warehouse Management

Supplier Management

Product Identification

Multi-channel Management


Easily integrate your third-party systems with NetSuite

Establish visibility for your business

Significant IT Time and Cost Savings

Improve financial operations

Business Uses:

It is an integrated cloud business software that is suitable for business accounting, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce businesses.

DEAR Systems

Cost: $325.001 License Per Month

DEAR is a good way to manage your company’s inventory. You can use this software for small to medium businesses. By using this software you can track your inventory including stock level, stock of hand value for raw material, finished goods, components, and more. You can track your stock level from multiple channels including e-commerce channels.

Features of the DEAR system:

3PL Management


Active Dashboard

Account Receivable



E-commerce & Marketplace

Phone & Email Notification

B2B Portal

Point of Sale

Purchase Orders

Inventory Quantities

Business Uses:

It is a cloud-based ERP solution for small to midsized retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and e-commerce operators.

JIRA Service Management

Cost: $20. per agent per month

JIRA Service Management is the best tool to manage your company’s inventory. In the UK, many companies are using this software to manage their inventory. This is an ITSM solution that unlocks business teams, high-velocity, dev, operation, and high-velocity. By using this software you can easily, track, receive, manage and resolve problems from your team’s customers.

Features of JIRA Service Management:

Service Desk

Request files

Service Level accords


Slack and Microsoft Teams support

Active forms

Reports and metrics


Run your business efficiently

Simplify all finance processes

Respond, resolve, & learn from incidents and more.

Business Uses:

It helps businesses to create teams, and assign, track, report, and manage work. It is the best inventory management software for businesses of all sizes.


Cost: $250 per month

Freshservice is the best inventory management software. This software offers amazing and best customer and employee services also this software provides advanced functionality for incident management, release management, change management, vendor management, and problem management.

Features of Freshservice:

Incident management

Multi-level tasks

Built-in time tracking

Managed team inbox

Self-service portal

Multiple product support

Asset auto-discovery

Global customer support



It provides 24/7 Access to support.

It is the best for tracking and management of assets

This software has an integrated billing system, and more.

Business Uses:

It provides a consolidated portal view for agents and simple end-user interfaces to help your business manage all ticket requests effectively.


Cost: 699$/month.

INTUENDI is the best tool for inventory management. This software is specially designed for minimizing and stockouts inventory while increasing sales. This software is easy-to-use and you can get it affordable cost. By using this software you can decrease up to 82% forecasting error and speeds up. This software is the best option for small to midsize businesses.

Features of INTUENDI:


Coverage & figures

Customizable information

Inventory Management

Data Export/Import


Inventory Management

Demand Planning

Decision Support

Sales Forecasting

Business Intelligence

Business Uses:

It is designed to reduce stockouts and minimize excess inventory while increasing sales.  As per sources, it is used by many inventory management businesses.


Cost: $299 per month

Katana is the best for controlling manufacturing inventory. Many e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Etsy, Amazon, and more are using this software to sell.  By using this software you can stay on top of your company’s inventory from raw materials to finished goods. This software allows you to maintain optimal inventory levels at all locations.

Features of Katana:

Activity Dashboard

Third-Party Integrations

Inventory Management



Document Management


Boost efficiency and align your teams with features designed to give you total visibility and control.

Track labor and parts for cost management and accurate billing, etc.


Thus we can conclude that inventory management is necessary for business. At present, many companies in the UK and many other countries are using inventory management software. Inventory management software helps to track, manage and automate your inventory and warehouse. Many options of inventory management software are available in the market. You can get inventory management software according to your business size.


What is inventory management?

Best inventory management software in the UK

Benefits of using inventory management software