The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey

By Mukesh on Dec 22, 2021

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey

Every year, many thousands of international students come to Turkey to get high-paying jobs. Turkey is a wonderful place for international students to live and work. There are many thousands of companies and industries available in Turkey offering a wide range of jobs. Turkey is the best place where many companies are booming. You can also try to get a job in Turkey. However, you can be required a work permit approved by the Turkey government to get a job in Turkey.

Our page will help you to find the best highest paying jobs in Turkey.

1. Marketing Director

Salary Range: from 5,240 TRY to 16,300 TRY

The marketing Director Job is the most popular in Turkey. The Marketing Director is responsible for their company's marketing and communications strategies. Many hundreds of big companies give a chance to get a good type of job in Turkey. Let's take a look at the Marketing Director Requirements.

Graduate degree in business, communications, marketing, or related field

Well Experience in marketing and running a marketing team

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Strong copywriting skills

2. Pilot

Salary Range: from 5,830 TRY to 18,100 TRY

The pilot is another high-paying job ranked in Turkey right now. As of 2020, more than 5000 international students got pilot jobs in Turkey. They are responsible for the safety of many people every day. The Government of Turkey offers a wide range of Pilot jobs. You can get this job easily in Turkey. To get this job, you must have a bachelor's degree in the relevant field.

3. College Professor

Salary Range: from 6,990 TRY to 21,700 TRY

College Professors are among the top-earning careers. Many Turkey-based institutions offer a wide range of college professor jobs. International students are making their careers bright with Turkey-Based Jobs. If you have limited skills in teaching, you can try to get a job in Turkey.

4. Orthodontist

Salary Range: from 7,870 TRY to 24,400 TRY

The orthodontist is another notable job that you can rely on it. It is the best highest paying job in Turkey that will help you to make a more expensive income. Many thousands of international students are making money through this job in Turkey. Apart from this, some international students are doing part-time jobs in Turkey during their studies. You need to have some advanced skills in Orthodontist to get this job in Turkey.

5. Chief Financial Officer

Salary Range: from 8,160 TRY to 25,300 TRY

This is the most popular job in Turkey ranked in 2021. A chief financial officer is responsible for managing services including budgets, expenses, costs, and revenues that directly affect the organization's operations. Some of the best companies are available in Turkey that offer the job of Chief Financial Officer.

6. Chief Executive Officer

Salary Range: from 8,740 TRY to 27,100 TRY

A Chief Executive Officer is an important position in the company. International students get this job in Turkey after completing their studies in Turkish-based universities. Currently, many thousands of universities in Turkey are offering CEO jobs to international students after completing their studies in Turkey.

7. Bank Manager

Salary Range: from 9,320 TRY to 28,900 TRY

The Bank Manager is another highest paying job in Turkey. A bank manager is responsible for managing the team of product & service experts, tellers, and other back executives to provide outstanding customer service. If you have limited skills, you can apply to Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, Brokerages, Consultancy, or Insurance companies.

8. Lawyer

Salary Range: from 9,900 TRY to 30,700 TRY

A lawyer is another best job offered by Turkey Government. A successful lawyer can save/earn you tons of money or can spare you a death sentence. This job will help you to build advanced money per year.

9. Judge

Salary Range: from 12,200 TRY to 37,900 TRY

At the time of the present, judges are hired by Turkey Government. If you have skills in the relevant field, you can apply for this job. We all know that the judge job is the best highest paying job in Turkey.

10. Surgeon / Doctor

Salary Range: from 14,600 TRY to 45,200 TRY

A surgeon's profession involves high risk and requires the best knowledge and a long learning path. According to the studies, hundreds number of surgeons earn big money in Turkey every year. To get this job, you need to hold relevant qualifications approved by Turkey Universities.

11. Marketing Manager

Salary Range: from 10,866 TRY to 11200 TRY

Marketing managers are responsible for giving some skills to the semi-skill worker in the marketing field. There are many big companies and firms in Turkey that offer marketing manager jobs. Every person can get the right marketing manager job in Turkey through Turkey-based companies.

12. Truck Driver

Salary Range: from 15,860 TRY to 16200 TRY

If you have a heavy driving license permitted by a Turkey associate, then you can grab the right truck driver job in Turkey. There are many trucking companies in Turkey that offer truck driver jobs in a wide range. You can connect with reputable Turkey companies and work for them easily.

Why choose a job in Turkey

Turkey has become a working hub for international students for a few years. At present, there are a lot of companies and firms in Turkey that are offering a wide range of jobs for every international student. They provide not only a decent income but also a good environment to live and work in Turkey.

Top Recruiters in Turkey

At present, many thousands of recruiters are working in Turkey. Here's a look at the top recruiters in Turkey.

Gini Talent

OneWorld Consulting


FMC Group

TGS Lydia

Nicholson International Turkey

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