Here Are the Best Online Store Website Builders Everyone Should Try

By Mukesh on Sep 17, 2021

Here Are the Best Online Store Website Builders Everyone Should Try


Today, everyone and every business need a standout website. Every business can grow with a standout website. A website comes with new technology and an attractive look which includes a home page, backend, CSS styling, etc. More than 100000 companies and industries are getting their goals with a reliable website. Whether you're trying to build your personal blog or brand about your favorite topics, a website is the most compelling tool you need to capture attention.

Nowadays many small businessmen pay money to build an online store website because they do not know about the free online store website builders. There are various types of online store website builders available on the internet that gives you the chance to create a website for free.

Here is a list of some best online store website builders:

1. Wix

It is one of the most recognizable website builders that is ranked in 2021. It enables you to build an attractive HTML online store website that is automatically made to work on both desktops and mobile devices.

If you want to make an online store website, Wix is one for you. You can make the best online store website with Wix because it gives you advanced options for website design.

Pros -

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It’s full customization for all advanced users.

Provides free domains service and supports online stores.

It's a reputable brand that provides you the different types of advanced options for website design.

Cons -

More than 5 advertisements show on the screen when you go for the free version.

The biggest Wix online store website maker app is only available with a subscription.

2. GoDaddy Website Builder

One of the most popular website builders is GoDaddy. It was released in 2014 as a service of hosting. GoDaddy is another notable online store website maker through which users can create the most responsive HTML websites to work on both mobile devices and desktops. In India, GoDaddy is now trending. If you go for the advanced version, you need to take a paid subscription online. You can make an online store website by using this online app maker.

Pro -

It's one of the biggest hosting service providers.

It provides the best range of services.

It provides domain-related services as well as Social media management and search engine optimization services.

Cons -

GoDaddy is a platform that provides basic website themes.

You can’t switch all the basic themes without losing their content.

3. Squarespace

The Squarespace is another online store website. Many thousands of websites are now hosted on Squarespace. To make an online store website, you can rely upon Squarespace. It'll provide you different types of website designing tools that are the best in creating online store websites. You need to register domains and host their website on this app. The price of this app will depend on what services and features you need.

Pro -

It is the most reliable App to make an online store website.

No transaction charges for premium online store websites.

It supports online stores.

Cons -

The free version of Squarespace includes advertisements.

It provides only limited bandwidth.

4. WordPress

It is one of the largest content management systems. It has a base of a broad range of uses. It provides dozens of themes which include Elementor, Themify, and Beaver Builder. The cost of WordPress ranges depending on what services and features you need. You can find packages that including web hosting, domain, and complete HTML customization. If you want to make an online store website, you can use WordPress.

Pro -

It is completely open-source, you can always hire a talented designer to add it to your website.

The basic WordPress platform is completely free.

It provides WordPress plugins with Mobile-ready themes.

Cons -

Users cannot create an online store website without the technical knowledge of WordPress.

Provides advanced features when users purchase a subscription plan.

5. Weebly

Weebly is another notable and simple online website builder. You can use this platform to make an attractive online store website. Most people are relying on this platform and make online store websites for various companies and industries. It comes with features that mobile websites, support email marketing, and search engine optimization. More than 200 apps are also available in this platform that is best to power customizable functionality that is similar to the features of WordPress.

Pros -

It includes primitive backup features that are best for your online store website.

It is the best for small business.

It offers excellent themes to make a personal online store website or blog.

It comes with a simple interface and powerful features.

Cons -

You can be installed it on external websites.

It is a difficult platform to make an attractive online store website.

It does not offer any cloud-based storage options.

Steps to Start Making Money with Your Own Online Store Website

You can start earning from your Own online store website after completing all processes of building a website. Here are the steps to start making money with your own online store website.

  • Build an Online Store
  • Promote on social media pages
  • Build an eBay store
  • Set up an Amazon seller's account
  • Post Craigslist Ads
  • Participate in online forums
  • Understand your customers
  • Remarket using email lists
  • Write a blog
  • Start a YouTube channel

Start Earning From Affiliate Marketing

At present, affiliate business is booming in Indian and abroad. You can also add the process of affiliate business for your own online store to earn money at home. Affiliate marketing is the most popular business way for those people who want to make money from home. You can promote products from different advertisers and brands by becoming a publisher. To do affiliate marketing, you have to build your affiliate network and build an all-round digital advertising business.

Start Earning from Direct Selling Business

After creating an online store website, you can earn money from it. Direct selling is the best way for those people who want to do direct selling business of products. You have to create an online store website related to the products you sell. Here are the steps to start earning money from a direct selling business on your online store website.

  • Build an online store website related to the direct selling business.
  • Upload images of products and create their URLs.
  • Add good SEO to the online store website because SEO will depend on your direct selling earnings.