Emotive - Best SMS Marketing Solution In The USA Of 2022

By mahima on Oct 12, 2022

Emotive - Best SMS Marketing Solution In The USA Of 2022

Currently, e-commerce marketing and SMS marketing are growing rapidly and due to this, the development of e-commerce marketing and SMS marketing software, and many other technologies is increasing. Emotional technology is one of them. In the United States, many e-commerce businesses are using emotional platforms. In this article we’ll discuss emotive platforms in the USA, if you want to know about the emotive platform then read the article given below:

What is Emotive?

Emotion is the best and most powerful SMS marketing platform for fast-growing eCommerce businesses that want to send personalized messages and are highly targeted. Emotion provides the amazing copywriter Customer Success Manager and Onboarding Manager for businesses, this platform enables two modes of mass text message communication.

More than 750 businesses are using this platform for their eCommerce stores. Emotion was launched in 2018 by Brian Zatulov and Ray Landgraf. The features of the Emotional platform are similar to those of many SMS marketing tools, but it has more powerful features for its automated messages and segmentation. It is the best option for those who want to reach customers through personalized messages and targeted tools, it is the best option for self-service SMS marketing, an affordable e-commerce-specific tool. It is an advanced solution for e-commerce businesses.

Prices and Cost of Emotive Platform

The price and cost of the emotive platform depend on the plans. Emotive price starts from $200 per month. If you want to use emotive platforms for your e-commerce business, then you’ll get all plans with a copywriter and dedicated customer success manager. Here we’ll give you information on the price and cost of emotive according to plans

  • Starter plan: $200 Platform fee
  • Plus Plan: $400 Platform fee
  • Pro: $1,000 Platform fee

Features of Emotive

Opt-In Keywords

Opt-In-Keywords are used by those customers who want to become subscribers. Set up of Emotive Opt-In-Keyword is very easy. This is one of the first ways to make your SMS contact list. Set up your keyword in emotive is similar to other SMS platforms also you can create double opt-in messages for subscribers for new users.

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In emotive you can create your pop-ups by using its integration with Wisepops and another pop-up’s creator specialization. The partnership of wise pops and another specialization gives more flexibility to pop-up editing but less expediency than simply creating them in a single platform solution.

Opt-in Checkout Pages

Emotive provides an amazing feature for e-commerce businesses and this special feature is Opt-in Checkout Pages. By using this feature of emotive you can reach customers easily when they’re Subscribed to your business. 

In these applications you can set your checkout pages:

  • WooCommerce
  • ReCharge
  • Magento
  • ShopifyPlus
  • Magento


Segmentation is a powerful feature of emotive. This feature comes with more segment dimensions that help to know about the activities of customers at the time of Postscript. Postscript means that your e-commerce store can send highly targeted messages and nuanced segments.

Some segment dimensions are here which you can choose to target your customers:

  • Is disqualified
  • Is incorporated
  • Ordered or not
  • Has discarded
  • Opted in or not
  • Has responded
  • Clicked on the link or not

Two-Way Conversation

The inbox of emotive for two-way conversation is a friendly feature for users and it shows information about the relevant subscriber. This feature helps you in your business to run a two-way conversation, without missing and forgetting any information or data. You can see the history of your all customers and subscribers also you can see the customer’s items, dates, and numbers. Emotive’s inbox is not able to attach a certain field as your coupon code and store URL.

Message Creation

Emotive provides you with message creation features to facilitate two-way communication and sending targeted messages. You can’t create your custom fields in this feature; this is the biggest limitation of emotive. By using the message feature you can send attachments for custom fields and MMS messages according to your discount code and company name. This is the best way to keep the data of your customers so that in the future they have access to your business information. 

Customer service of Emotive

The customer service of emotive is the best and amazing and the team of emotive is helpful and attentive. They connect to users by email and live chat. Secondary memorial of emotive is consists of a blog with industry news and SMS marketing guides and this is a powerful resource for experienced and new SMS marketers.

SMS marketing in the USA

SMS marketing is legal and trendy in the USA.  The SMS marketing size in the USA was valued at USD 3.5 billion in 2018 and from 2019 to 2025 SMS marketing in the USA is expected to register a CAGR of 21.3%.  This marketing is useful to organizations to denote a fast and eliminate the paper cost and connect with target customers also it helps organizations to grow by measuring the viewed number of an advertisement.


Thus we can conclude that the emotive is the best platform for SMS marketing. In the USA many marketers are using emotive for their e-commerce businesses. This is a powerful solution for SMS marketing and this is best for those businesses that are looking for highly personalized campaigns and leverage text marketing.


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