Best Courses and Job Opportunities of Digital Transformation

By mahima on Sep 23, 2021

Best Courses and Job Opportunities of Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the best way to getting knowledge of digital technology for business. Nowadays digital transformation is increasing in business day by day. Digital transformation is specially planned for the business digital technology.  Digital transformation is related to MBA. Many students are wanted to make their carrier in the MBA (Digital Marketing). According to us, this is the best path to start your carrier with a good course. Digital transformation has many course types. Are you wanted to know about digital transformation? Then read the article given below. It helps you to choose the best digital transformation course for adopting a degree of MBA-

Needed educational qualification for Digital Transformation (MBA)

If you want to do an MBA with digital transformation, then you should know about the needed educational qualification for getting the degree. Commonly you need to have a bachelor’s degree for getting admission in MBA (Digital Transformation).

Top programs for Digital Transformation course

Teesside University

Teesside University is specially designed for the course MBA (Digital Transformation). This is one of the top universities for digital transformation in the UK. This university offers the best and well-balanced environment for study and classes. Teesside University has been placed on 37th ranked out of all universities of digital transformation. This university provides knowledgeable and experienced teachers to teach the students.

IFM University, Geneva Switzerland

IFM University is another top university for MBA in digital transformation. This university is located in Geneva Switzerland. This university offers you the best course and best experts for digital transformation.

Needed documents to getting admission in a digital transformation program

You need to have some documents to admission to a digital transformation program. Detail of these documents is here-

  • Bachelor’s degree copy
  • One passport size photo
  • Id proof document copy
  • Address proof document copy

Digital transformation courses types

You can choose a digital transformation course according to your interest. Many programs are designed for the courses of digital transformation courses. These programs provide the courses of digital transformation best environment. Here we describe some top courses of digital transformation. You can read it and after choose the best course for you- 

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Coursera Digital Transformation course

Coursera Digital Transformation course is the business specialization course. This course has a particular skill. University of Virginia and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) provide a courser digital transformation course. This course takes time of 14 hours in completing. You can take the free trial for 7 days. This course covers the important topics of digital transformation.

UC Berkeley Executive Education Digital Transformation program

This is the best course of digital transformation and it is provided by the University of California. You can pay $2,600 for getting admission to this course. This course takes time of two months in completing. In this course, you get the knowledge of business area management and how to work technology in business, and where the business needed digital efforts.

Stanford Digital Transformation Certificate

In this course, you can get the knowledge of applying digital technology in business. This course is divide into 2 parts and through these 8 courses, you earn knowledge of tools and techniques needed to successfully guide in times of change and construct a sustainable digital civilization and incorporate technology and procedures to further improve customer and worker experience. If you want one of these courses then you have to pay $685.00 per course. This is the famous course of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Cornell Certificate Program

Digital transformation Cornell Certificate Program covers the digital innovation concept and skill of produce new business ideas. It is divided into 7 programs. Cornell Certificate Programs provides the best facilities for the students who want digital transformation courses. You have to pay a $3,500 fee for getting this course.

LinkedIn Learning Digital Transformation

LinkedIn Learning Digital Transformation is the most popular for digital transformation. In this course, you can earn advanced knowledge of digital transformation. This course provides 45-minute special classes for clearing all doubt of steps of digital transforming.  To take the course of LinkedIn learning digital transformation you have to pay $28.99 monthly.

Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity

Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain and Cybersecurity is a professional and non-degree course. In this course, you will learn about the five technology of digital transformation. These five technologies are here-

  •   History
  • Application
  •   How these technologies are transforming business operations
  • Basic coding
  • Use the MetaMask plugin

You have to pay a $2,200 fee to get this course and this course takes a time of six weeks to complete.

Job opportunities after getting MBA (Digital Transformation) degree

After getting the degree of MBA (Digital Transformation) you can get the best job opportunities and this is the best way to start your career with the best job type. You can earn expensive income with these jobs. You want to know about the job after getting a degree of digital transformation then we’ll help you. The job types after getting the degree of digital transformation are here-

  • Consultant (Digital Platforms & App Transformation)
  • HCL Opening - Digital Transformation Lead
  • Digital Transformation manager
  • Project Specialist - Digital Transformation
  • Infosys BPM hiring For Quality Digital Transformation- Bangalore
  • Business Transformation Consultant: Digital Change
  • Account Executive
  • Partner Development Management

Digital transformation employs salary

Through digital transformation courses, more and more international students are getting jobs around the world. Plenty of online jobs are available in the market where every student can get a good type of job. However, the salary of the digital transformation job can be different.