Find Digital Marketing Attribution Software

By Mukesh on Aug 08, 2022

Find Digital Marketing Attribution Software

Currently, there is a huge demand for digital marketing attribution software tools in the United States of America due to the opening up of many excellent companies and industries. The United States is the most popular state in the world that offers many different types of software tools. More than millions of companies and industries have adopted digital marketing attribution software tools to compete in the upcoming competition.

What is the right definition of Digital Marketing Attribution Software?

Basically, digital marketing attribution software is an exercise in evaluating digital marketing touchpoints that a customer finds on their way to purchase. The main purpose of digital marketing attribution is to determine which ongoing channels and messages connect to the various consumer encounters.

Digital marketing attribution software tools allow markets and companies to determine which channels, messages, advertising pages and campaign landing pages best impact leads and their associated revenue.

Are you looking for the best Digital Marketing Attribution Software Tools? On this page, we will tell you some basic information related to digital marketing attribution software tools.

Best Digital Marketing Attribution Software

Here, we have listed the top digital marketing attribution software.

1. Adjust

Adjust is the best mobile attribution tracking software for advertisers by giving knowledge into organic introduces, promotion clicks, and in-application occasions, all with limitless think back. They additionally provide versatile stages, crowd building stages, extortion anticipations, and uninstall and reinstall items.

Advertisement :


$79.00 month


It helps to boost productivity.

Standardization of processes

Performance measurement

A/B testing

Multi-campaign marketing

Customizable dashboards, etc.


Best attribution tracking tools that offer marketing networks organic introduces, etc.

Come with north of 7,000 accomplices

Supports 21 dialects across 11 nations

Ascribes credit across all advanced and disconnected sources


Supercharged with flexible features, award-winning global support, and scalable pricing, Adjust software provides the tools you need to achieve exponential growth.

Business Uses:

It is the best for business uses. It may unify all your marketing activities into one powerful platform, giving you the insights you need to scale your business.

2. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is the best mobile attribution tracking software that has some expertise in application introduction attribution. Their greatest attributes each new establishment to the marketing effort and media source that drove it utilizing granular dashboards. With the above-said dashboards, you can improve marketing execution across client securing and retargeting efforts. AppsFlyer plays a role of practically like a half-breed between application observing and best mobile attribution, interfacing application introduces and execution back to marketing efforts.




It offers trial/premium subscriptions with paid plans starting from $0.05/month.

It allows you to try the solution before opting for a paid subscription.

It's easy to make the best choices when you have good insights.

It offers dynamic retention and cohort reports.


Anyone can connect continuously with leading ad organizations

Enables marketers to connect the general profound, fingerprint, and secure postbacks

Adjusts Data across a large number of integrated suppliers

Complete all variable compliance software tools


The support team is prompt and replies instantly after raising tickets.

Business Uses:

It helps brands attribute, understand, and engage users through a unified marketing platform built on the industry's most trusted attribution data.

3. Attribution

This attribution, also known as aptly, is a venture-grade multi-contact attribution software tool that comes with attention tools where marketers allow seeing their profit from promotion spend. The Data of pulling cost from all significant promotion stages connects that spend to explicit clients or analytics and afterward tracks ROI from those over the long haul. It spreads credit across all sources, including advertisement stages, social channels, and natural.


$599.00 per month


It improves customer experience.

It optimized marketing spending.

It helps gather the insights you need.

It allows marketers to determine which channels.


Tracks accomplice-based lifetime value (LTV) of clients

Provide the best positions as the attribution software and the best Implementation programming provided by G2

Ascribes credit across all promotion sources


It is good to help you with attribution reporting, analysis, and more.

Business Uses:

Many businesses use this software to identify the specific impact of your marketing funnel's touchpoints.

4. Branch Metrics

Branch Metrics is a mobile analytics platform that supports cross-channel and cross-stage attribution comes with various contextual deep links. That implies it fastens together completely divided identifiers across the web and in applications so all marketers and their related advertisers can have full-channel estimations dependent on stage, tag, mission, or element.

Also, Branch Metrics with the many ad organizations and networks, analytics/marketing tools, and email service providers, permitting you to send in-application content to clients and track interactions with that content precisely.




It helps tracks various links and their related ads.

It offers many excellent options to help users.


Tracks various links and their related ads

Offers influencer analytics with support for cross-channel and cross-stage attribution


Branch Metrics is a leading mobile attribution software that helps you build great user experiences.

Business Uses:

It is a good mobile attribution software that powers the links that point back to your apps for shares, invites, referrals, and more. 

5. Dreamdata

It is a B2B attribution and best revenue analytics platform that accumulates joins and cleans all income-related information to introduce a straightforward, noteworthy examination of what drives B2B income.

It empowers organizations to comprehend B2B attribution, LTV of advertisements, content promoting ROI, benchmark development, foresee income and choose what endeavors to scale straightaway.




Dreamdata software allows us to see what activities are working and which aren't.

It's easy and very quick to get installed and set up.

It provides an account-based revenue attribution platform for growing B2B SaaS companies.


Allows profound comprehension of ROI of paid endeavors like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc

Offers clear attribution of your B2B content advertising drives.

Account-Based and Multi-Touch attribution tools


It is the best B2B Revenue Attribution Platform that gathers, joins, and cleans all revenue-related. It helps you unlock your go-to-market data gold mine.

Business Uses:

With this software, companies may empower, build, repeat and scale success across their revenue-generating activities. Many small to midsize B2B use this software to get the right solutions.

6. Kochava

Based on Kochava’s unified audience platform, it is the best mobile attribution software tool ranked in the world. It enables marketers and advertisers to access data ongoing your polling items. Also, it is preferred the ongoing projects relevant to the Data Management Platform (DMP). DMP helps in sending emails, Slack, and SMS when marketers change the various conversions rates on their ongoing projects.




It prevents and detects mobile ad fraud with traffic verification.

It is easy to set up.

It enables companies to understand and capitalize on user acquisition, engagement, and lifetime value for mobile apps.


This is the best part of mobile attributes when marketers use data analytics software tools.

Enable advertisers to track their ongoing data

Provided multi-sections tools


It helps achieve measurable growth through mobile user acquisition.

Business Uses:

It is the industry standard for secure, real-time data solutions. In addition, it helps people-based marketers establish identity, define and activate audiences, and measure and optimize their marketing across connected devices.

7. Localytics

It is designed for those marketers and advertisers who want to handle their ongoing projects with the Data Management Platform. Marketers can access implement A/B message testing and campaign reports by using this digital marketing attribution software tools. It includes mobile attribution as well as geo-tracking.


$895 per month


It is easy to use for every user.

It has many multiple options that are good for completing any type of ongoing project.

It helps users with a good support team.


Fully specialized in mobile attribution

Has A/B message testing with various implements

Provides geo-tracking based on location


It is a fully featured Marketing Automation Software that comes with an excellent support system.

Business Uses:

It is the most popular mobile marketing solution to create personalized mobile app experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and conversion.

8. Singular

It is another marketing intelligence platform that allows marketers and advertisers to handle their ongoing campaign data and attribution data. With over 2000 integrations globally, singular has become the ranked best digital marketing attribution software tool in the world. Marketers can make use of this software tool as it unlocks all the intelligent insights for growth marketers.


$250 per month


Automatically combine campaign data

Superior Analytics, etc.


Provides standardized campaign analytics

Have the best mobile attribution

Singular provides granular ROI for advertising data


Its Service & Support enables the effective use of technology for business.

It has a complete marketing analytics solution with outstanding Customer Support.


These above-mentioned digital marketing attribution software tools can be considered as an excellent and suitable way to incorporate campaign software for ongoing tracking events. According to sources, thousands of companies are adopting these small software tools to handle their ongoing projects.