Demand Side Platform Companies: Everything You Need To Know

In recent years, demand-side platforms (DSPs) have become an increasingly popular option for advertisers seeking software platforms to buy mobile, search, and video ads from a marketplace on which several publishers list various advertising inventories.

With the demand side platform companies, businesses of all levels can programmatically buy ads and search to reach new and existing audiences.

Demand-side platforms, called DSPs, are the most popular programmatic advertising platform companies that allow small and large advertisers and media buying agencies to bid automatically on mobile, search, and video ad inventory from a wide range of publishers. They can help automate the decision-making process of how you can keep bidding for an ad in real time within the price.

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In this article, we’ll share information about demand-side platform companies, like what is a demand-side platform (DSP), the benefits of DSPs, how they work, the main DSP companies, and more.

What is a demand-side platform (DSP)?

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a software platform that allows advertisers and media buying agencies to bid automatically on mobile, search, and video ad inventory from various publishers.

On the other hand, a demand-side platform is a modern automated programmatic advertising platform where advertisers can buy advertising with the help of automation. They are an evolution of ad networks, which have been incorporating some capabilities, such as real-time bidding on mobile, search, and video ad inventory from a wide range of publishers.

Benefits of Demand Side Platform Companies

When it comes to using demand-side platforms (DSPs), there are many benefits of them. Here, we’ll share the benefits of demand-side platform companies.

Efficient and Fast:

Several advertisers use demand-side platform companies to buy ad inventories like mobile, search, and video ads across various formats programmatically. They help marketers buy ad inventories across various formats programmatically efficiently and faster.


DSPs also provide detailed and transparent data relevant to the ads so you can easily understand and analyse them before buying. They allow marketers to buy ad inventories, like mobile, search, and video ads with their detailed and transparent data.


Another benefit of using demand-side platforms (DSPs) is cost-effective. Several advertisers use DSPs to manage, run, and analyse their campaigns digitally within their budgets. You can choose plans on the DSPs platforms to buy and manage ad inventory, including video, mobile, and search ads.

Besides, there are other benefits added to it like broader reach, campaign management, and more. You can learn DSPs benefits with an online search.

The Main Demand Side Platform Companies

Several demand-side platform companies on the market have been offering a range of features and benefits for advertisers, marketers, and agencies. Below are the main Demand Side Platform Companies.


One of the most popular AdTech companies in the industry is the Sizmek. They provide an open ad management service to advertisers and media buying agencies from around the world.

This company, now known as Amazon Ad Server, is an ad-serving platform. This platform allows advertisers and media buying agencies to create, customize, distribute, measure, and optimize ad campaigns across different publishers and screens. This ad-serving platform also helps advertisers and agencies monitor data, and media, and create materials for optimal performances with an easy-to-use UI. Besides, this company was formally known as RocketFuel.


The MediaMath is the second largest company, offering a range of ad campaign solutions for advertisers and agencies. Founded in 2007, this is one of the first demand-side platforms (DSPs) for advertisers and marketers. This often comes up in the context of online advertising, making it a perfect choice for advertisers and media-buying agencies.

MediaMath allows advertisers and marketers with tools to buy online ads through a single interface. They provide numerous benefits for advertisers and marketers. In short, this company is well known for alignment and transparency, full-funnel, and multi-channel approaches.


AdForm is another DSP platform with its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is an open and transparent advertising technology platform for advertisers, agencies, and marketers. Their demand-side platform allows media buyers to bid automatically on inventory across different formats. Also, their DSP has real-time algorithmic optimizations that help users improve their campaign performances.

With AdForm, users can purchase inventory across different formats and improve their campaign performances using their real-time algorithmic optimizations. In summary, AdForm is an excellent DSP platform that allows advertisers, agencies, and media buyers to purchase inventory across different formats.


BrightRoll is a popular advertising platform that provides a real-time bidding marketplace for many marketers and advertisers. This platform is commonly used to purchase and manage digital ad inventory across multiple formats and improve campaign performances. Several brands, agency trading desks, advertising networks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) use this advertising platform to connect with digital audiences to help with online advertising campaign objectives.

In summary, BrightRoll is a leading advertising platform for a real-time bidding marketplace for many marketers and advertisers.


Criteo is a Demand-Side Platform that provides personalized retargeting. This is a well-known demand-side platform that delivers personalized online display advertisements to users who have previously the advertiser’s website.

This offers an online platform where advertisers and marketers purchase advertising across different formats.

DoubleClick Bid Manager

This is a leading DSP from Google that helps advertisers buy online advertising in real-time. This platform allows marketers and advertisers to purchase and manage advertising across different formats. Users can get to track and optimize the performance of their advertising on the same platform.

In Conclusion:

Demand side platforms are software-based tools for advertisers, marketers, media buyers, and agencies to automatically purchase and manage digital ad inventory from multiple ad exchanges using modern and real-time bidding technology.

Start an online search to learn more about Demand side platform companies. This is just a guide to understanding demand side platform companies.


Main DSP Companies