Data Asset Inventory Management System Across the Globe

By mahima on Aug 08, 2022

Data Asset Inventory Management System Across the Globe

A data asset is probably a page of information management technology and a form of business process. Data asset management helps many organizations create a centralized location where they want to access their media assets. Through the use of data assets, you can access data from an application. Data asset management exploits, curates, protects valuable enterprise. The demand for data assets is to increase business value. Digital assets are useful for building and growing businesses and companies also supporting sales efforts, training employees, and managing workflows. Read the article given below to know about Data Asset Management:

What is the Asset Inventory Management System?

Asset Inventory Management System is a tool and practice that is helping you to manage your inventory. Manage inventory such as storing, purchasing and tracking inventory. Asset inventory management monitors inventory production demand and stock to help with accurate inventory forecast for the coming month.

Poor asset inventory management practice manages understocking, overstocking, issues with vendors and suppliers, lost items and all issues that can affect your bottom lines.

Purpose of Asset Inventory Management System

Follow asset performance

Follow the utilization of assets

Follow the asset’s condition

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Follow the asset’s company location

Benefits of using the Asset Inventory Management System

Asset inventory management system helps you to build and grow a central repository of your assets. Here are the many benefits of using the asset inventory management system:

Productivity Improvement

If you have all information about your asset’s condition, and how much it is utilized, then you can grow productivity on many special levels.

Knowing the Asset location employee doesn’t need to waste their time in searching for the asset.

Lower operational costs

Property is very useful for carrying out business activities. If an asset is stolen and lost, companies are required to purchase replacements and replacements thereby increasing the operating cost of the asset. Up to date asset tracking system prevents misplaced and stolen assets.

Informing future purchases

Taking a pulse on your asset inventory management is necessary to make your procurement process and plan for new purchasing. Likewise, you may have a lot of resources of a similar kind, however from various sellers. This is a chance to think about resource execution and support costs. Knowing which merchant offers better worth is valuable data to have before your next buy.

Best Asset Management Software 

1. ManageEngine Asset Explorer

ManageEngine Asset Explorer is the best asset management software. This is the web page solution and it is full of features and tools to manage all processes of asset management like inventory management, software license, compliance review, administration, and more. If you want to build a new business with the best asset management, then this software is best for you.


$795 per year for 250 IT assets


It helps discover and monitor all your IT assets (hardware and software) from one place.

It makes informed decisions on planning and purchase.

It ensures software license compliance.

This software is good for managing the complete IT asset lifecycle.


Rich toolset with established technology

Recognizable Windows-style user interface

Simple set up

Reasonable price


This software is a web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network.

Business Uses:

This software is used by many businesses to monitor and manage assets in your network from the Planning phase to the Disposal phase.

2. InvGate Assets

In the InvGate Asset, you can get the essential tracking asset and inventory-based software and hardware. The installation process of the InvGate asset is very easy. This software allows business to track their asset with the tools like advanced reports, remote desktops, change management, software deployment, and software metering. This software is useful for IT business which has limited staff. Ivanti IT Asset Management software provides the all feature that is useful for IT business. This software followed the best way to get you to your initial network scan for assets. With this software, you can get a free trial of the asset management suite.


$49.00 per month per user


Eliminates Unnecessary Costs

Improves Efficiency, Productivity, and Accuracy

Ensures peace of mind, etc. 


Numerous tech support options

Simple wizard setup

Mobile and desktop workspaces

Familiar Windows-style interface

Workflows and procedures can be modified


This software improves IT support efficiency and customer experience with an integrated Service and Asset Management platform.

Business Uses:

This software provides you with greater insight into how IT investments are being employed and if they could be better utilized.

3. Soft Pulseway software

Soft Pulseway software is powerful software. This is a mobile system for monitoring and managing assets. Pulseway is the best choice for AMS for mobile applications. Through the use of this software, you can kill log out, suspend, process, and lock non-window-based, assets from the mobile client.


$85 per month


It is easy to access.

Real-time advisory and warnings, and intuitive

Unlimited remote control and network discovery


Vigorous and easy-to-use mobile client

Current, intelligent user experience

iPad app offers access to the full feature set

Easy relations to the cloud and locally organized physical and virtual communications


Its support contains frequently asked questions. Every user may check the user manual for detailed information on how to install and manage Pulseway.

Business Uses:

This software is a leading mobile-first remote management software that is used by more than 3500 IT departments and MSP's worldwide.

4.GoCodes software

GoCodes is a tracking software program based on assets and inventory. This software offers five plans: standard plan, premium plan, and premium Elite plan, and Enterprise plan.


$500.00 per year


Asset management software capabilities

Help with asset recovery

Help improve decision-making

Promote accountability

Enable maintenance tracking

Help save time and money, etc.


Secure, physical stickers with detailed information

Ease of setup and use

Reasonably priced

Situated powered-down assets online or from mobile devices

Follows networked and non-networked assets


This software provides a targeted solution that focuses on helping the user quickly track assets and manage inventory. 

Business Uses:

GoCodes software is super easy to use and contains Unique industry leading features. 

Enterprise Asset Management System

A combination of software, system, and services helps to maintain and control assets known by the name of Enterprise Asset Management System. This software allows companies to manage and track their physical assets.

Benefits of enterprise asset management system

Track the asset location

Reduce operational cost

Grow the health, safety, and environmental initiatives

Growing performance and uptime of your physical assets

Fixed Asset Management

The process of maintaining and tracking an organization's physical assets is known by the name of fixed asset management. Through the use of fixed asset management you can:

Follow and monitor fixed assets

Supervise equipment and machinery in multiple locations

Minor maintenance costs

Recover operational competence

Continue a record of retired, sold, stolen, or lost assets

IT Asset Management System

IT asset management system tracks the organization's assets. IT asset management is a set of tools and practices of business that build the business units within the organizations.

The best IT asset management system

ServiceNow ITSM and ITAM


NinjaOne (Formerly NinjaRMM)


IT Asset Management Software




Spiceworks IT Asset Management Software


Asset Panda