Best Top Online Project Management Courses

By mahima on Aug 31, 2021

Best Top Online Project Management Courses

Project management is a knowledgeable course of self business management. The information of self-management is essential for a team project and a way to start your career in a foundational area. Another side online project management provides entry-level information to the PMBOK areas. By online project management course, you start your career with new learning management. Project management courses are available at an affordable cost and you get a certificate in this course according to your choice. You choose the certificate course according to your aim. We describe to you all the information about the online project management’s Certification Courses, Training Courses, Free Project Management Certification, and online training.

Online project management course eligibility

For getting a certificate of online project management course you need to have a secondary degree 7,550 hours of important and straitening projects, 37 hours of Project management education, if you have four years bachelor’s degree then you need to have 4,000 hours of the important and straitening project, 37 hours of project management education.

Online Project Management Certification Courses

You can choose an online certification course according to your choice and interest. There are many courses available of online project management courses for start your career with a good choice. We provide you all information on certification courses and their cost. For knowing about courses and their cost read the information given below-

Simplilearn: PMP Certification Training Course

Cost- $355

Prince2: 6th Edition Foundation Classroom

Cost- $760 for 12 month

Pace University: Practical Project Management Certificate

Cost- $695 for 2-week course

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Sybex: PMP Exam Review Platinum Course

Cost- $490

Alison: Diploma in Project Management

Cost-free of cost

Coursera: Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

Cost-free of cost

Cornell University: Project Management Certificate Program

Cost- $830/month

GreyCampus: PMP Certification Training

Cost- $900

Berkeley Extension PMP Training Curriculum

Cost- $6,900

BrainBok Exam Prep Simplified

Cost- $149.99 for 90 days

Project Management Training Courses

The project management training courses are helping you in preparation for the exam and start your career in a project management certification course. Experts give you training according to the training subject and according to your choice. Project management training courses are divided into many subjects. About the subject, we describe here-

  • Business & Management
  • Politics and Society
  • Creative Art and Media
  • Nature and Environment
  • Literature
  • Health care & Medicine
  • Science Engineering & Maths
  • History
  • Law
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Teaching
  • Teaching
  • Language
  • Study Skills
  • Psychology & Mental Health

Free Project Management Courses

If you want to get a certificate in a project management course that is free of cost then you find many options for free certification courses. Many top institutes are designed the course of project management with take any charges.

Project Management: The Closing Phase


By this course, you get knowledge about improving your management skill and close project with proven projects by management.

Introduction to Project Management PM101 Training Session


By this course, you get basic knowledge of project management and this is the starting path to become a career in project management.

Project Management Templates Creation Course


In this course, experts provide you with lectures by video calling and including 40 projects.

Manage Project Integration


By this course, you get knowledge about the preparing project and identify the connection between the project and the broader managerial.

The Universal Language of Project Management


In this course, you know about the employ a definite process or system for the successful delivery of your examination or product.

Exam pattern and certification of project management

The project management course exam pattern is easy if you will be getting training from a knowledgeable trainer. The question will be consists of 200 multiple choices. And you have to need to attempt only 175 questions.

Online project management exam fee

  • PMP Certification Exam fee with PMI Membership-23,500
  • PMP Member fee- 10,700
  • Reexamination fee for PMI members- 15,900
  • Reexamination fee for nonmembers- 28,900
  • PMP Certification Exam fee without PMI Membership- 42,000

Tips for pass the exam of PMP

Take training from a good expert and knowledgeable person. Choose the course according to your interest. Give full time to yourself in preparation for an exam and attend all lectures and do everything as your teacher said to you. Complete the e-learning course before attending training classes.

Scope of project management course

Today project managers’ demands are very high. Project managers are needed in industrial areas also in the IT field project various work, business services. The project manager’s salary is very high. The project manager's salary starts from 55,550.


Online project management courses are a good choice to start a career. You can find many courses according to your interesting subject. You get the certificate for an online project management course without spending money. After completing the course you can earn a good income because project managers' demands are very high and industrial areas needed the project manager to complete their project. Industries owners pay good salaries to project managers.