Best Five Criminal Law Degrees with Online Option Consider 2022

By mahima on Jan 24, 2022

Best Five Criminal Law Degrees with Online Option Consider 2022


Best Five Criminal Law Degrees with Online Option Consider 2022 

About Criminal Law 

Criminal law is one of the most popular activities of the law. In Criminal law education, you get knowledge of rules, regulation of law, and about the punishment of a rule breaker. Criminal Law is equipment that the society has intended for implementing the agreed regular of conduct. The said regular is essential for the defense of the person and the societal interest. In this deference, the classification and meaning of the “committed” along with the method for the management of justice to the victim of the offense becomes supreme. The course equips the beginner with all aspects of criminal technical law, correct from the time the police are dejected of the payment of an offense, the rules for the examination of a crime by the police, the manner of criminal trials by the courts in India for holding the criminal antisocial to justice, to all steps of an emblematic criminal trial, counting the highest appellate step viz the Honble highest Court of India. 
This course plans to envelop the practical surfaces of the criminal impartiality delivery system in India as preserved within the code of criminal process, 1973. This course will clarify the learner with the various procedure accepted by the Police and Judge concerning how to examine and choose a matter happening out of a criminal doing. It also identifies the right of an indicts person concerning the manner of criminal examinations

 Best Law Master Degree types of 2022

1. MA Law Full time 

MA Law Full-time degree is planned for non-law graduated students who want to gain all knowledge and job in the criminal law line. In this program, you get knowledge by -
Experience through practical workshops, problem-based learning, talks, mooting, and presentations.
Develop necessary professional skills in examination, investigative, and research.
Explore an area of law that benefits you via your own examination Project.

2. Master of International Criminal Law and Justice

 The Master’s in International Criminal Law & Justice is an outstanding fit for specialized and academics in ambassadorial, criminal justice, military, and law enforcement communities roughly the world. 

3. International Business Law LLM 

The International Business Law is a program panned for law graduates who would like to get law graduates who would like to gain necessary information on intercontinental deals and business from a legal standpoint. Whether you want to grow within your present career, have plans to join a global business, or only want to know more about intercontinental business law in practice, this program will provide you with the information to help you realize your ambitions.

4. MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Discover stirring unify of criminology and criminal justice subjects and address key modern questions and debates. By studying criminological theory and policy you’ll see how theoretical frameworks can be practical to thoughts about crime and society. 

Main topics of this program 

  • Capital punishment 
  • Restorative justice 
  • Sexual violence 
  • Culture criminology 
  • Existential Criminology 

5. Master Cyber Security 

This program is designed to be as supple and original as possible- without sacrificing quality. In this program specialist expertise and innovating learning resources as well as spotlighting on outstanding student services and capable advice. This program is exemplified by the efficient transfer of subject-specific knowledge and soft abilities to prepare graduates for the intercontinental business World. Our remoteness learning resources allow you to get an ascribed degree from wherever you are and work about your job or personal dedications. 

Criminal Law Jobs 

You can earn a good income from law jobs. Law jobs are honestly jobs. For applying to these jobs you need a certificate of law education. The salary of a good knowledgeable criminal lawyer is awfully high along with different other profits. The salary of a lawyer will be based on the cases handled and the client you are dealing with. 

Jobs types of Criminal Law

  • Police officer
  • Prison officer
  • Probation officer
  • Border Force officer
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Forensic scientist

Criminal Law online courses

Certificate Course in Advanced Criminal Litigation & Trial Advocacy

  • Time: 3 months
  • Fees: - INR 15,050

Introduction to International Criminal Law

  • Time: 8 Week 
  • Fees:  INR 3615

Introduction to Criminal Justice

  • Time: 11 hours 
  • Fees: INR 6450

 Summer School Program for Criminal Law  

Summer school programs are planned for students who are interested in law, law regulation and rule, legal studies, psychology, criminology, sociology. During this Online Course, students will get 360-degree great ideas of the Spring School Criminal Law Program while receiving familiar with the international ability of academics and their teaching techniques as well as switching thoughts with the students from all over the world and increasing the professional network. Under Graduate, Graduate, younger’s can attend the programs. You can attend these programs for 3 to 5 hours. 
So Criminal Law education is best and reputed. If you want to take a certificate in Criminal Law, you have the best options of courses. You can choose a course according to your interest.  This course plans to envelop the practical surfaces of the criminal impartiality delivery system in India as preserved within the code of the criminal process.